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Fort Lauderdale Sportfishing for Swordfish
Fishing in Fort Lauderdale has spoiled us with the plentiful billfishing. Within 2 miles of Fort Lauderdale Beach beach we are catching sailfish. Sailfish are what Fort Lauderdale fishing is known for.

By Captain Rick Brady
Posted Sunday, April 22, 2007

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Billfishing Fort Lauderdale

Fishing in Fort Lauderdale has spoiled us with the plentiful billfishing. Within 2 miles of Fort Lauderdale Beach beach we are catching sailfish. Sailfish are what Fort Lauderdale fishing is known for.

You can travel around the world, so you can fish Isla and Cancun and get your 20 shots a day. That is an extremely high number of shots in one day. But then again you can visit us for the fishing in Fort Lauderdale where we are getting 1 to 7 shots a day which is red hot.

With Fort Lauderdale blue marlin fishing we don’t see that many shots but blue marlin still can have their days where the action can get real busy. If you are serious about catching a big blue marlin we pull plastics on 80’s. The problem with blue marlin fishing is you eliminate a lot of other fish. Dolphin, wahoo, artic bonita are just a few of the by-catch when targeting blue marlin.


Swordfishing Fort Lauderdale

Swordfish in Fort Lauderdale, typically known as the toughest to catch of the billfish, are quite abundant off the FT Lauderdale coast. We normally leave around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, high speed trolling for dolphin, blue marlin and wahoos. Once we reach the Fort Lauderdale swordfish fishing grounds we put out the baits.

A normal spread for swordfishing would be 3 squids fished from 100 to 300 feet. We fish 28 feet of pink 400# mono with a single hooked squid. A lp light is fished on the snap swivel and the lead is fished 100 feet away. The first bait is fished at 100 the second 200 and the third 300. We also fish a bait 75 feet down from the rod tip with either a goggle eye or a squid.

This rod does get the most bites (pay attention). Where to fish. We typically fish 1000 to 1500 feet of water over a structured bottom. Fish have tails. We have had bites on swords in 350 feet of water shark fishing. My buddy saw one sunning in 30 feet of water off of Stuart. Meaning these fish could be anywhere from the beach to the other side. Swordfish have all the traits of a shark, a tuna, and a marlin. Fishing in Fort Lauderdale for swordfish is a battle that takes place at night. You have to be ready to fight this fish, he is a fierce cunning fighter and he is not called the fish gladiator of the deep for nothing.

Sound like a fun Fort Luaderdale fishing trip you'd like to try?

Or visit Captain Rick's Fort Lauderdale Charter Fishing website to see and read more about his Fort Lauderdale Sport Fishing Trips.

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